Emergency Service Work

24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our service department is available through a live answering service – you will talk to a person, not a machine. Keep your plant on-line…. call us. We’re always home.

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Emergency Service Work

24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our service department is available through a live answering service – you will talk to a person, not a machine. Keep your plant on-line…. call us. We’re always home.


Preventative Maintenance

Boiler room breakdowns are costly no matter how you measure them. Preventative maintenance is the only real insurance against unscheduled boiler plant outages. W.C. Rouse & Son can provide those periodic services to keep your boiler plant at full capacity.

Boiler Inspections

Periodic inspection and operational checks of your boiler and safety controls is a critical part of a reliable boiler system – and a safe work environment. This service is recommended annually in heating plants and semi-annually for process facilities. Our service technician checks out all steam, water, fuel, and air controls, along with a detailed review of the burner flame detection safety system.

State and/or insurance requirements dictate that your boiler plant equipment comply with applicable codes. Does your boiler room meet those current safety and operational codes? It’s costly to find out the hard way. Our service technicians are qualified to check out and prepare your boiler plant for inspection and to provide necessary modifications for compliance.

Boiler Tune-ups

There is no better or more cost effective method to improve efficiency, reduce pollutants, and reinforce the safety of your existing boiler or combustion source than a simple tune-up. The increase in fuel efficiency promptly pays for this service. A comprehensive procedure of stack gas analysis and system adjustment is performed by our service technician and documented for your records. This service is recommended semi-annually for all boiler plants and quarterly for boilers serving process facilities.

The above services are available separately, on an as-needed basis, or in any combination through our
Service Contract Program – available annually, bi-annually or quarterly.
As a Service Contract Customer, you will receive a 10% discount on parts and services


Boiler Plant Upgrade Services

Increase the efficiency, safety, and reliability of your old boiler at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Give old boilers new life. We install new combustion equipment systems and controls on old, reliable boilers. We are the direct factory representative for Power Flame burners, the most widely used industrial burner in North America. We are also fully capable of installing and supporting all of the latest flame safeguard and combustion control systems.

Boiler Efficiency Upgrades

Boiler blowdown heat recovery, flue gas heat recovery, computerized multi-boiler sequencers, and O2 trim systems are some of the proven methods to reduce the money wasted in typical boiler plants through heat loss or inefficient operation. Your boiler plant may benefit from systems installed by our service department. Request a free survey of your plant to determine if these systems may benefit your facility.


Refractory Repair & Replacement & Gasketing

Refractory is the single most expensive recurring item in the boiler plant. Improper installation, repair, or care can promote excessive fuel use and contribute to larger, more serious boiler vessel problems. Our technicians provide inspection, proper maintenance, and proven repair techniques.

Boiler Repair and Re-tubing

ASME R Stamp repair for all types of pressure vessels.

Equipment & Parts

Rentals, New & Used Equipment

If you can’t afford a new boiler, ask us about our supply of used boiler room equipment. Used boiler plant equipment availability fluctuates with plant closings or upgrades. We evaluate used equipment and offer modifications or conversions to suit your needs. We also have boilers available for rent to accommodate your emergency or peak needs.


We stock parts for all brands of boilers and burners including, but not limited to, the following:

Other Parts & Manufacturers include: ITT/Asco Gas Valves & Actuators, Grundfos Feedwater Pumps, Everlasting Blowdown Valves, Magnatrol Solenoid Valves, Safety & Relief Valves, Gaskets, Valves(Gate, Globe, Ball, etc.)