RBI – More Than Just Big Boilers

More Than Just ‘Big’ Boilers

We rightfully have a reputation for larger steam boilers, they’re what we do and we’re good at them.

But did you know, we also provide the best solutions for hydronic heating boilers, including condensing models?

RBI offers one of the most complete lines of boilers and water heaters available today. Known for its high quality, wide array of options for maximum application flexibility, RBI provides today’s engineers packaged solutions to fit virtually every specification.

Models are available to fit any commercial application, from non-condensing to full condensing in an exceedingly wide range of 100,000 to 6,000,000 BTU/h.

All of RBI’s ultra-high efficiency equipment use a sophisticated but easy-to-use HeatNet control platform capable of communicating with up to 16 units. HeatNet is capable of communicating with all building management systems across the various protocols used today.



Flexcore, Symmetrical Firetube:

All “firetube” boilers are designed to do the same thing: Heat water in an efficient manner. That is where the comparison ends!

The RBI difference…

FlexCore Symmetrical Firetube boilers are designed for the long haul with no tradeoffs in efficiencies. In order to operate at premium condensing efficiencies, many factors come into play that can affect the design, performance and, as importantly, the durability.

FlexCore is engineered to provide perfect temperature symmetry around an ultra-high efficient core. Flue gas temperatures are even and a consistent temperature rise across all the tubes results in a unrivaled <5oF temperature difference across the heat exchanger with NO intra-tubular stresses as seen in many of today’s competitive designs.

RBI “flexes” its strength by design. At its core is a piston-like heat exchanger engineered to eliminate the expansion and contraction stresses seen in today’s boilers – by creating a temperature balanced symmetrical upper tube sheet, reminiscent of a diaphragm, that absorbs the stresses from this piston-like motion at any water temperature delta.

Condensate is removed through FlexCore’s linear design resulting in ultra-high efficiencies in a compact design with minimal corrosive effects.

FlexCore scrubs every last bit of heat from the combustion gases keeping stresses low and efficiencies high at all modulation rates, making FlexCore the most efficient boiler on the market today.


Features and Benefits

  • 1,500 – 6,000 MBH
  • 96.8% AHRI Certified
  • Up to 99% Maximum Efficiency
  • Symmetrical Firetube Heat Exchanger
  • Primary/Secondary, Full Flow and Variable Flow Systems
  • Full Modulation
  • Patented “Turbo Pilot” 8,000 BTU/h Ignition
  • HeatNet 3.0 Integrated Control Platform
  • Touchscreen Programming & Diagnostics
  • Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet BMS Integration
  • Low NOx & CO
  • Modern Jacket Design
  • Premium Efficiency
  • Superior Durability
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Versatile Footprint Fits Through 36″ Door (ALL SIZES)

Additional RBI/ATH Boiler Families:

  • Dominator Series; Boiler or Water Heater, Horizontal Copper Fin, 400 – 2,300MBH
  • Futera Series; Boiler or Water Heater, Vertical Copper Fin, 500 – 5,000MBH
  • Futera Fusion; Boiler or Water Heater, Copper Fin & Stainless, Condensing, 500 -4,000MBH
  • Infinite Energy 2; Boiler or Water Heater, Water Tube Stainless Steel, Condensing, 200 -1,000MBH
  • ATH; Boiler, Cast Iron, Condensing, 200 – 3,000MBH
  • Storage Tanks; Glass Lined

Easy to Work With

RBI makes excellent support documenation available to you, all easily to accessed via their Resource Center and Technical Library:  http://www.rbiwaterheaters.com/resource-center/technical-library/


For a more complete product list with additional details, please visit:

http://www.rbiwaterheaters.com/ and http://www.knseries.com/


To learn more about any of our exciting product lines, contact us today at:

https://www.wcrouse.com/contact/, or 877-927-6873